Credits and Acknowledgements

Credits and Acknowledgements for

Starting and maintaining a project such as is not a one man job. In fact, for this site, I don’t want it to be that in the least. The community of blind users of Apple products are all welcome to be a part of this venture. I very much want contributions, feedback and help from as many people as possible, as that will make this place grow and become more and more helpful and useful to both new and potential users alike.

With that said, however, there are some folks who deserve specific mention, as they have assisted me in a variety of particular ways. I would like to acknowledge their efforts here.

First, a BIG thank you to Bob Morgenier at New Options Studio for his invaluable assistance in creating and maintaining this site. Without their technical expertise, wouldn’t be here. You can check them out here

To be able to provide a lot of the information you will find throughout this site, I have referenced countless emails and documents I have collected from being subscribed to a number of email lists pertaining to the Mac, iOS Devices and their accessibility. Certain people in the blindness community of users of Apple products have been extraordinarily helpful over the last five plus years in providing answers to questions, tips and all kinds of other useful tidbits. With their kind permission to utilize their knowledge, I’d like to thank the following people:

Keith Reedy of, for the use of several tutorials and his help and encouragement. Please visit his site and learn about the Mac VoiceOver email list at,

Greg Kearney of Curtain University of Australia for his various applications and Daisy book contributions to the blind Mac community, especially in the early days of VoiceOver when such development was particularly necessary and truly appreciated.
Visit the Curtain University of Australia Homepage

Anne Robertson for all of her help and support to the community over the years and her kind permission to use her material. You can visit her French VoiceOver website at,

Rose Morales for her permission to use material from list emails. You can visit her site,

Matthew Vollbrecht of the Tech Juggernaut, who has given kind permission to link to his podcasts and who contributes material here as well. You can visit

The Tech Juggernaut site here.

Esther for her similar contributions over the years on several email lists and her kind permission to include many of her helpful and informative posts.
, Also, for the use of their material as well, Ricardo Walker, Marcy Weinberg, Ray Foret Jr., Sandy Tomkins, Michael Coulombe, and Lewis Alexander.

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