Some Email Lists of Interest

A Link to signing up for the mac4theblind email list Our Email List The Mac Visionaries List The Mac Visionaries Page The VIphone mailing list: VIphone Group’s Homepage The Mac-Access page for signing up to the Mac-Access mailing list The Talking Apple mailing list Talking Apple Mailing List The Blind Apples mailing list Blind Apples

Various Resources for the Mac and iDevices

Apple’s accessibility pages. Information on supported Braille displays that work with VoiceOver Supported Braille Displays Articles, news and other information on accessibility and the Mac and iDevices: the Mac-cessibility Network Some tutorials, and information on the Mac VoiceOver mailing list maintained by Keith Reedy: Information on Mac accessibility and another Mac mailing list maintained by Gordon Smith: The Mac-access Network Another site for some good tutorials for VoiceOver and iOS devices Vision Australia Bryan Smart’s VoxKeys Project for Enhancing VoiceOver on the Mac VoxKeys Project Tim Kilburn’s VoiceOver Information Page: VoiceOver Information
A detailed listing of accessible iDevice and Mac OS X applications: apple vis A French VoiceOver Website for resources and information. Another resource site for the iPhone and Mac for blind users maintained by Rose Morales: Chicks Dig Macs
Macneticos, a resource for Apple accessibility resources in Spanish, Macneticos opinion and blog site Doug Lawlor’s blog, which contains several application keyboard command summaries and other useful information Doug Lawlor’s Blog
Another VoiceOver resource site
VoiceOver Easy
MacbookProSlow introduces a list of quick fixes if you feel your Mac is running slow. Also, you can find some other useful tips and tricks related to Apple MacBooks.Mac Book Pro Slow

Resources for developers for those who are interested in making their applications accessible for the blind for the Mac and iDevices.

Apple’s developer pages on accessibility: An informative blog post on accessibility for iDevices: Another developer related page: An iTunes U podcast on accessibility for iDevices:

General Podcasts of interest about the Mac or iDevices and their use by the blind:

The Screenless Switchers podcast The Screenless Switchers Podcasts The Accessibility Round Table podcasts Accessibility Round Table Podcasts The Blind Cool Tech Website where you can find several Mac and iOS related demonstrations Blind Cool Tech Mark Taylor’s Candleshore podcast The Candleshore podcast
Ricardo Walker’s Mobile Access podcasts and blog Mobile Access Sarah Llawami’s TFFP podcast, which covers a variety of Apple related topics TFFP Podcast Serotek’s Triple Click Home Podcast, Accessibility for iEverything Triple Click Home The iBlindtech podcasts for iDevice users (hosted buy Garth Humphreys). iBlindtech podcast The Tech Doctor Blog and Podcast hosted by Dr. Robert Carter the Tech Doctor Blog and Podcast

The how to be blind blog and podcast, featuring Mac and iOS tutorials and demonstrations
How to be blind

The iAccess VO podcast with Brian Fischler and Ed Plumacher.
iAccess VO podcast

Matthew Vollbrecht’s The Tech Juggernaut, a site for training and support services for both the Mac and iOS devices:
The Tech Juggernaut

Non-Accessibility Apple Resources

Mac World Mac World main page Mac Rumors Mac Rumors main page Another Apple news site Tidbits, Apple news for the rest of us The Take Control eBooks homepage, which contains several useful and instructional books on the Mac and iOS devices. Take Control Books An Apple scripting information page with several useful scripts Doug’s Apple Scripts page

Mac App Developer Sites

Note that these are not meant as advertisements or necessarily endorsements of any apps. I am posting the sites of developers who have been very responsive and interactive with the blindness or low vision community.

DocuScan Plus, Serotek Corporation.
OCR for the Mac
DocuScan Plus

PinPoint, , Lagente
An app for low vision users of the Mac

Mars Edit, Red Sweater
A blogging application for the Mac
Mars Edit

iOS Apps

Note that these are not meant as advertisements or necessarily endorsements of any apps. I am posting the sites of developers who have been very responsive and interactive with the blindness or low vision community.

Instapaper, Marco Arment
A tool for iOS devices for saving webpages for reading later

Storm8 Games
Several accessible games for the iDevices, such as Kingdoms Live, World War, iMobsters and Vampires Live

Nook, Barnes N Noble
An electronic book reader for the iDevices

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