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Welcome to the Mac for the Blind Audio Tutorial series. You will find audio files available for sale that will discuss specific Mac OS X or iOS features or applications.

There is really no substitute for receiving actual training from a knowledgeable instructor, but after several people had recommended or asked or suggested I make recordings of lessons to assist both the new and experienced user, I have done so and they are available here. There are separate lesson pages for Mac and iOS, so one should easily find what they are looking for.

In many cases, an experienced user or someone who learns over time will discover that there are often more than one way to do a task or use an application or feature. I am aware that I may not cover all of the possible approaches or methods out there. However, I have tried to make things as easy and basic as possible for the new user to learn the material or that will enhance the knowledge of the experienced user by possibly filling in holes or gaps in their overall knowledge.

Whether you are a Mac or iOS user or someone who uses both kinds of devices, I hope you find these tutorials helpful and useful. As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

What our clients are saying:

"I have had a very easy time purchasing and downloading the lessons. I download them straight to my iPhone. It is very rewarding." -AB

"I’ve really enjoyed these lessons. They give a good overview of the features on my iPhone, and the instructor is very knowledgeable." -TH

"Excellent source of information on using Apple products for the visually impaired. The audio lessons are highly suggested!" -BT

"Well worth the price for the instruction I’ve received." -MA

"The Mac For The Blind audio lessons make learning to use my iPhone Fun!" -TW

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